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Countdown to race day


Participants finishing the 2023 Bank of America Chicago 13.1.

The 2023 Bank of America Chicago 13.1 earned Evergreen Certification from the Council for Responsible Sport, a recognition reserved for sporting events that demonstrate the highest possible commitment to environmental and social responsibility. The Council for Responsible Sport is a not for profit organization which provides objective, independent verification of the socially and environmentally responsible work of sporting events. Responsible Sport certified events are some of the world’s leading examples of responsible sport in action, supporting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

The event sustainability program focuses on environmental stewardship, community engagement and outreach, accessibility and innovation. View our 2023 Sustainability Report for an overview of actions we’ve taken to produce a sustainable event.


Packet Pick-up

  • Dynamic bib assignments – By assigning bib numbers at Packet Pick-up, we’re able to reduce the number of bibs we use by 300. We’ve also eliminated the need for a separate envelope, saving over 60 pounds of paper from being used, which is equivalent to approximately half a tree.
  • Participant shirts – Event participant shirts are made from 100% recycled polyester. In addition to reducing waste, recycled polyester reduces carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to virgin polyester, and helps Nike divert an average of 1 billion plastic bottles annually from landfills and waterways. Learn more about Nike’s Move to Zero journey towards zero carbon and zero waste, including how they are working to design product with sustainability in mind and help protect the future of where we live and play.
  • ASL interpretation services – Sign language interpreters will be available race weekend to assist participants who may need to utilize their service.
  • Paperless Packet Pick-up – The packet pick-up email can be presented on the screen of a mobile device or tablet instead of printing, saving thousands of sheets of paper from being used.
  • Participant bag – Event participant bags are made from #4 LDPE, which is 100% recyclable through retailers offering plastic film and bag recycling – just remove the cotton drawstring beforehand. Made in California and printed with water-based ink, the bags contain 25% industrial scrap (in-house recycled content) and are designed to ensure durability for gear check and can be used multiple times before recycling.
  • Zero waste bins – Look for zero waste bins located at Packet Pick-up and in various venues at Garfield Park race weekend. The bins are made from repurposed coroplast materials from our warehouse, with overhead signage providing clear directions on how to sort your waste.
  • Public transportation – Participants, spectators, and volunteers are highly encouraged to use public transportation race weekend, with the CTA offering convenient stops near the Roosevelt Collection and Garfield Park Conservatory. 
  • Offset race weekend travelParticipants have the opportunity to offset race travel or other greenhouse gas emissions within their participant account, with all proceeds supporting verified, high quality carbon projects.
  • Saturday Wellness Events – The Bank of America Chicago 13.1 worked with West Side residents to introduce wellness-based activities to the race weekend experience. Activities including a family-friendly 1.31-Mile Wellness Walk, youth running events and a community pop-up featuring West Side businesses and organizations  aim to support, advance and celebrate health, wellness and movement on Chicago’s West Side.
  • Event information – All information for Bank of America Chicago 13.1 participants, volunteers and media is available digitally. These pieces include the participant guide, confirmation e-mails, results, e-newsletters, media guide, event updates and more.


Garfield Park and course

  • Kia EV lead vehicles – Kia will lead the way on race day! Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Kia retailers are proud to support the Bank of America Chicago 13.1. The recently introduced all-electric Kia EV9 will act as the lead vehicles for the 2024 event. To get more information, visit kia.com.
  • Race day bike parking – A courtesy secured valet bike corral will be available for participants and spectators in Garfield Park for bike parking. Bike valet will be monitored by event personnel.
  • Divvy bike parking – Divvy’s valet service will be available to handle Divvy bikes and scooters,  eliminating the hassle of docking on race day.
  • Zero Waste Stations – Waste disposed of in Garfield Park should be deposited at one of the Zero Waste Stations located throughout Runner Refresh and the festival area. Green Team volunteers will sort the refuse into various recycling streams to help increase the amount of waste diverted from the landfill.
  • Collecting compostable material – Banana peels and other materials will be collected in Garfield Park for composting, as well as hydration cups from the course. The Urban Canopy, an urban farm on the South Side of Chicago, will be taking the organic materials to a processing facility where the organic waste will break down into finished compost, a nutrient rich soil amendment. By keeping wasted food and other organics out of the landfill, methane emissions are significantly reduced
  • Aluminum cans – All beer cans are made of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material. Recycling of aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy required to make the same amount of aluminum from its virgin source.
  • No styrofoam – Styrofoam products are not allowed at the Bank of America Chicago 13.1.
  • TerraCycle Candy and Snack Wrapper Collection – Through TerraCycle, hard-to-recycle items are given a new life. Assorted wrappers from food items handed out at Runner Refresh will be collected at one of many Zero Waste Stations to be properly sorted. All brands of flexible plastic-based candy and snack packaging and wrappers are accepted.
  • Eco-friendly portable toilet facilities – Paper products at portable restrooms rented for the event are made of 100% recycled content.
  • Closed loop course – The Bank of America Chicago 13.1, is a closed loop course, starting and finishing in Garfield Park, eliminating unnecessary travel often required by point-to-point courses.
  • Water filling stations – Participants are encouraged to refill water bottles and hydration cups at one of two Water Monster hydration stations located at the festival.
  • Lactation spaces – Breastfeeding parents will have a designated place in Garfield Park to pump or nurse on race day and will have access to a semi-private tented facility, a water source or a portable hand-washing station and a power source.


  • Community inclusionThe Bank of America Chicago 13.1 is committed to working closely with the West Side community to ensure the event is meaningful, representative and beneficial for Chicago’s West Side.
  • Composting organic waste – The finished compost from the event will be delivered to the Kuumba Tre-Ahm Community Garden in Garfield Park. The community garden, named after the sixth principle of Kwanzaa and the owner’s two grandsons, is part of the Garfield Park Garden Network, a resident-led effort to enhance local green spaces and engage more community members in the local food system.
  • Charity Program – Runners can make their journey more impactful by running on behalf of a cause they are passionate about. Learn more about running for charity by visiting the Charity Program page.
  • Support local businesses – Runners and spectators are encouraged to explore Chicago’s West Side by visiting and shopping at local businesses.

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